Digital Marketing Strategy

Our goal is to not only plan a smart course of action, but to truly understand every part of your system and process so that our execution is completed with precision and focus. 

Strategy starts by first understanding the client goals. Second, we must understand the audience. How should we obtain the attention of our client’s audience and then take advantage of opportunities to further our client’s goals. If we were to categorize the areas of our focus it would be: 

1. Branding Strategy

Instagram, YouTube, graphics, websites, etc. there are so many platforms and brand assets that need to be directed by strategy. It is the strategy that truly sets great companies apart. At OklaMedia, we have a full branding process that we take companies through to get crystal clear on who they are, who they serve, and how to best go about building the brand. It’s the brand strategy that improves conversion rates, increases retention and solidifies a company’s place in the market. 

2. Growth Strategy

Growth strategy looks at every marketing channel while taking into account the resources available to devise a plan to expand. Our goal when creating a growth strategy is to think through every possibility and rate every idea, until we have focused our thinking on the best strategic plan. Growth hacking, SEO, Social, Paid Media, Email marketing and many other channels all have strategies that need to be considered and measured against the other options. Opportunity costs must also be accounted for, so we take a multi-channel approach and balance the short term wins with the long term benefits.  

3. Competitive Strategy

Our competition strategies help you thrive in a competitive market or industry. Some people believe that every company can thrive within the same space, but it doesn’t always work like that. There are benefits to being a monopoly, benefits to being #1, and in many cases it isn’t worth it to be #3 or #10 in the space.  For example, being #1 in the search engines provides the lion’s share of the traffic. It pays to be #1, but being #7 might not be worth it. As we look at your competitors, analyze the market and evaluate your resources, we create a plan that positions you to win.

4. System / Funnel Strategy

A good business model is the foundation for success. When we are creating system strategies, we are looking to decrease costs, increase productivity and adjust the business model to get more results. You might already have a website with traffic, social media profiles with countless subscribers and you might be making great revenue, but are you getting all that you can and making the most of your position? We’ll help you evaluate the intricacies of your business and create a strategy to optimize.

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