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Need a marketing partner?

Hiring Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is one of the best things you can do. It is far less expensive to outsource this role versus bring the CMO in house. You also get the benefits of having someone on your team who is flexible with change and can lead the marketing efforts with deep knowledge of your specific business.  

How much Will it Cost?

Hiring an outsourced CMO is about 35% the cost of hiring someone internal. Most of the pay is performance based.

What is the difference between an outsourced CMO and an outsourced agency engagement?

The difference between an outsourced CMO and an agency engagement is that the relationship is a little different. The CMO is not constrained by any one agencies specialization. Instead, the CMO can work with multiple agencies, staff, and technology to achieve the organizations goals. The CMO role is more flexible and has a greater level of responsibility. Therefore, compensation is tied to performance.

How long is the engagement?

Hiring an outsourced CMO is a long-term engagement. There is typically a 90 day trial period and then the engagements are setup by 6-12 months.

Are there any guarantees?

Just like hiring an internal team member, there are no specific guarantees, but there are targets. An outsourced CMO must meet specific targets to get paid.

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What does a CMO do?

Outsourcing this role is the best thing you can do for your business.

Manage The Marketing dept.

The CMO makes sure that everything is moving forward. Tracking tasks, executing on strategies, and reporting performance is essential to reaching your goals. 

Research & Dev

Equipped with deep insight into your specific business and a high-level of marketing expertise, the CMO is best equipped to research and develop new campaigns. 

Manage Marketing & Sales Staff

The CMO can keep your internal team accountable and moving forward. 


The CMO makes sure that the tasks are done. Including the grunt work that no one wants to do. 

Outbound Teams

The CMO can help hire, advise, and work with outsourced agencies and teams to deliver specialized marketing & advertising. 

Content Creation

The CMO manages content and creates the big picture plan for marketing & advertising.