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Need More Leads?

It’s hard to get new sales without good leads…and there are a lot of ways to get them. At OklaMedia, we specialize in new and innovative lead generation. Request more information to learn more about our process, pricing, and lead gen systems. 

How much Will it Cost?

Lead cost depends on who you target and how difficult. it is to convert them. For example, selling B2B services or legal services is different than selling private jets or getting volunteers for an event. Each target has different lead cost. However, expect to pay at least $500/month.

How soon can I get leads?

Most campaigns take 1-2 weeks to setup.

What is the quality of the leads?

Each channel will have a different quality level. For example, cold email will be different than paid ads or social media. At OklaMedia, we optimize for leads that convert into sales.

Do you offer Pay-Per-Lead Programs

Yes, we have multiple performance driven plans. Pay-Per-Lead or Pay-Per-Conversion is something we offer to select clients.

Request More info!

How we Get Leads…

We have secret ways not listed. Reach out to us to learn more.

Paid Ads

The most scalable way to get leads is through advertising. We develop your full lead gen campaign and manage your ads to scale.

Social Media

Sometimes social media marketing and advertising is the best way to reach your target market. Influencer marketing, affiliates, viral content, etc. can be cheaper than paying per click or traditional advertising. 

Traditional Media

When the world is digital, standing out can mean sending snail mail. Many of our clients do extremely well with traditional direct response advertising. 

Cold Email

There is a right way and a wrong way to do cold email. We focus on cold email for our B2B customers.  

Outbound Teams

Contrary to popular belief, cold calling and cold outreach is not dead. There are ways to do it right and get huge returns that rival all other campaign types. 


When you have high advertising cost, organic lead generation is often the best system to setup. This is also one of the best long-term strategies to secure your position in the market. 

Apps, AI, and RPA

There are new ways to generate leads using A.I. and automation. Learn more about how this works when you book a call with one of our team members.