Online Marketing

Every business owner, entrepreneur and manager needs to understand online marketing. Even if you are not obsessive about it like we are, the benefits of learning how it works and how to implement will be a game changer for you. Here is what you need to know to get started: 

1. There are many channels that you can use to market your products and services.

You could be very successful using any of these marketing channels with the right strategies, but picking the right channel is key. The marketing channel will determine the cost of marketing, the time and energy allocation, the type of customer and the conversion rates. Some channels are very complex and others are simple. There are also crowded marketing channels and others that are providing fast returns. At OklaMedia, we focus on a multi-channel approach using the top 4 marketing channels as a foundation, but we also implement campaigns using many different channels. 

2. Focus on the 20% that really matters within a marketing channel

There are those that succeed with email marketing and those that don’t. Marketers that win with social media and those who can’t get traction. Many business owners try running Ads, but can’t seem to get a funnel that converts. Getting results is hard for many business owners because a lack of focus on what works. There are a lot of amateurs in the industry with bad advice and tactics. So you have to be careful who you follow and what strategies you implement. As Pareto’s law states, 20% of the effort provides 80% of the results. So you have to focus on the 20% within each channel that actually mattes. 

3. Each channel can feed the system

They say a rising tide lifts all ships and this is true with most marketing channels. If you do well for example with YouTube marketing, your Instagram and Facebook accounts will likely get the overflow. If you point people to your website, your traffic will increase and in part help your SEO efforts. If you have great traffic on your website, then your re-marketing Ads could help drive conversions, etc. 

Apart from benefiting from each channels outreach overflow, you can also save time and money adding an additional channel. For example, you need content for SEO, you could repurpose the content for Social Media or utilize part of the content in your email campaigns. You would need to create some pillar content first that you could use for each channel. To do this effectively, you need a marketing system. Let us help you develop this type of system for your business. 

Getting Started

If you are interested in crushing your competition and creating an online marketing system, fill out the form below. We have created a scorecard and free basic evaluation process that will help you identify the low hanging fruit. So start with an evaluation. It’s simple, quick and low-risk.

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