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We help you simplify your marketing tracking with dashboard & reports so that you can see exactly what is working and what is wasting money.  click here to get a demo

1. Actionable Website & Marketing Analytics 🔥

What data should you be looking at? Sessions, Bounce Rate, Queries, Social Shares, Subscribers, etc. There are countless metrics to track and report, but none of it matters if you don’t know what to do with the data or what the data tells you about your marketing. At OklaMedia, we help companies make decisions with the data.

2. Channel Comparisons 💵

Where are you getting the best bang for your buck? Should you put more money into a channel or cut the budget? We help you measure performance per channel so that you can get that big picture view of your marketing.

3. Professional Support

The work of collecting data and tracking marketing performance always brings to mind many different questions. Which is why we offer professional support to not only set up your dashboards and reports, but to also answer your questions. We won’t leave you hanging.

Here are some of the questions we’ve helped our clients answer:

  • Is Search Engine Optimization really worth the money I’m spending?
  • How many leads am I getting from Social Media?
  • Does my landing pages appeal more to men or women?
  • Where is my traffic coming from?
  • Which website is sending me the most traffic?
  • Which of my website pages is doing the best?


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