No B.S. Marketing System For Manufactured Housing Resellers

How To Sell & Market Homes Online To Get Qualified Leads & Increase Deal Flow


Can you really sell homes online? 

That is a question I asked myself many times in the fall of 2016 as I was working on building some campaigns for a client that sold manufactured homes in 3 different States.

At the time my client was doing some traditional advertising on the radio, billboards, local events and even took some homes to the State Fairs. Overall these efforts worked, but we figured that the cost per lead was $600… and that was just to get someone to the lot. After the lead came to take a home tour, they still had a ways to go before making a deal.

In my mind $600 was just too expensive per lead, so we worked on a new strategy based on this simple formula: 

The Formula

Getting good results online can be simple. I’m going to give you the basic formula for Leads & Sales and then I’ll quickly explain how to get both below.

Leads = Website Traffic + Conversion Funnel

Deals = Leads + Followup Campaign

The first step is to get leads and we knew that we needed website traffic and a conversion funnel, but before we can do that we needed a website. After we built the site, we started do SEO, Social Media, and Online Advertising to drive traffic to the website. 

Here is a screenshot of one of our Ad campaigns where we were getting clicks for under $1.40 in North Dakota. 

After we had sufficient website traffic to the website, leads started flowing in because we built a good conversion funnel. We started with building an interactive form. To see an example, click the button below: 

Just like that we had quality leads to fill our pipeline.

The form worked really well and we had a conversion rate over 20%. But we didn’t just stop there. Everyone that didn’t finish our form was retargeted with Ads on Facebook & Google Adwords.

Now once a form was filled out, we would follow up with email campaigns and texting campaigns. All of this follow up allowed us to really make the most of every lead and increase the deal flow. 

All of these components became a system that we used for years. In fact, we’ve used this exact system across multiple industries and with a lot of success. 

The formula is simple, but the magic is in the execution and it’s what we specialize in at OklaMedia.

Next Steps

If you are interested in working with us, or would like to learn more about how you can sell homes online (or decrease your marketing costs), here is what you should do: 

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