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Not Sure What You Need?

Get A Free Marketing Analysis!

Sometimes you know that you need to do something, but you are not sure what to do. At OklaMedia, we understand that you need data before you can decide. Which is why we offer a FREE Marketing Analsis. 

How does it work?

When you inquire for more information, we will have one of our consultants do an analysis on your marketing. They will look at your current performance, competition, market dynamics, and assess your next moves should be to reach your goals.

How long does it take?

A basic analysis can take 2-4 days. However, a deep dive can take up to 4 weeks. We will determine what you need based on the complexity of your situation and the goals you are reaching for.

Does it use A.I.?

Yes, our consultants use A.I. tools to help assess and evaluate your business. However, the strategy comes from the experience and expertise of our consutlants.

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What we evaluate:

Reach out to us to learn more.

current performance

We look at what you are doing, what your competitors are doing and what opportunities exist that you are not taking advantage of. 

Your competition

We analyze what your competitors are doing and discover opportunities and weaknesses to exploit. 


Based on what you are doing, we analyz whether or not it aligns with your overall strategy and goals. 

Marketing Assets

Do you have what it takes to achieve your goals? We’ll look at what you are working with to better use your resources. 


We evaluate what you are using for your marketing and advertising to make sure it is working for you.