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Why is “creative” underrated? Effective marketing starts with creative content that is designed with the intent to achieve your business goals. Whether you want to create fans, increase brand awareness, drive sales or influence action, it all starts with creative content.

In this post, we’ll show you how creative content decreases marketing costs, but first a little history…

Being creative used to be what separated marketing agencies. In the age of large billboards, TV commercials, and print advertising, creative marketing and your budget was all that set you apart.

However, when SEO, PPC, and Social Media was just getting it’s start, having content within these channels was more than enough to get results. So brands became lazy and focused on quantity over quality. Companies got results from being smart and growth hacking to the top. Creative content was less important.

But this is all a cycle and creative marketing is once again extremely important because the platforms reward engagement and your conversion rates need to be high to justify the costs.

For example,

Let’s assume that you would like to create a Facebook Advertising campaign. You need a piece of social content that gets shared (best case scenario it goes viral).

Scenario #1: You throw together a Ad without much thought or strategy, you pay $500 for people to see your Ad, and get a few likes, a few clicks, etc. Since you are not getting a great response, Facebook will now show your Ad to fewer people and your cost for traffic increases. Depending on your margins, you might still make a profit, but you are paying the high cost of having low-quality content. Your audience is not impressed and it shows because you are paying a high cost for every person to see your content. 

Scenario #2: You decide to create a high-quality video advertisement that has been tested, refined and is proven to get an emotional response. When you pay for people to see your Ad, your audience likes, clicks, and shares your post. Now Facebook is showing your Ad to more people for less money. Plus, more people are able to see your Ad due to the fact that the video is being shared. Not to mention the potential boost in goal conversions. Overall, your campaign is better, but the difference in success could be the difference in you actually producing a profit. It could determine whether you are making a dollar or losing a dollar from your Ad. The difference in quality could make all the difference. You might spend the same $500, but the results could be 50X better. 

You have to create content for every channel. Content that is focused on the channel and optimized for results within the channel. 

Content is not just the text on your website, it is the full web pages, videos, graphics, social posts, emails and every other type of digital media. 

Myth: good content is EXPENSIVE to create.

Good content is an investment that can pay itself back many times the initial development cost. Bad content is expensive, because it simply doesn’t work, so any investment in bad content is not going to be worth your time and effort. Having said that, the investment in good content doesn’t have to be a lot of money. You can start small.

Not all content is created equal. Some marketing agencies might charge $5,000 for a video and another with a similar quality might only charge $1,000.

We’ve seen it all

Each piece of content has to be created to reach your target audience, crafted within budget and designed for the platform it will be delivered on. At OklaMedia, we work with a lot of different companies, and since we specialize in online marketing, our content is created for online platforms. We have a full-stack offering that includes, video, graphics, voice, etc., but our marketing strategy is different for each of our clients.

We love working with new clients, but only if it is a good fit. We want to make sure that we are not just another service provider, but a partner in the strategy. We create tailor-made content plans for each of our clients based on testing and what we believe will work to get results.

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